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Eliminate hard water problems in your home

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Solve hard water problems in your home with a water treatment system installed by Klein Water Solutions. We will custom design a system to help reduce water contaminants and scale buildup and extend the life of your appliances. Plus it'll also give you better-tasting water and make cleaning easier.

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Signs of a hard water problem

Water contains elements such as magnesium and calcium which can contribute to the hardness of the water. If you have hard water, you might notice:

  • Staining or scale buildup in your toilet, sinks, tubs, dishes or clothing
  • Dry feeling on skin
  • Reduced water flow from faucets and appliances

Your Klein Water Solutions water expert can provide a water test for hardness and other elements.

How the PhSmarte 1000 electronic descaler works

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The PhSmarte 1000 water treatment system uses 304 stainless steel cathode and anode impulse technology to change sticky calcium bi-carbonate to soft soluble calcium carbonate. The all-in-one system treats up to 60 grains per gallon (GPG) of hardness.

What this means for your home:

  • Reduces existing hard water scale in 120 days or less
  • Eliminates new hard water scale
  • Protects plumbing, appliances and water heaters from hard water scale damage
  • Reduces bad tastes in drinking water and food prepared with water

Take the next step to better water

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